Friday, October 15, 2010

Thomas performed his first baptism

Thomas performed his first baptism last week.  He did not expect to be asked to perform the rite but was very happy that he was asked to do so.  As shown in the pictures, it was quite an occasion.  In our faith, the person baptized enters into a covenant with God to accept Jesus as one's savior by taking on His name (thereby becoming Christian), always remembering His atoning sacrifice for mankind, and promising to keep His commandments.  In return, God promises to gives him/her the Holy Ghost as a constant companion, guiding him/her back to God's presence.

Thomas had another milestone on his mission.  He spoke at the church service in Malay and felt like people could understand him.  It's pretty amazing that he's able to deliver the 10-minute sermon in Malay after so little training.  He sent us a recording of the sermon and we have no clue what he was talking about.  However, he sounded quite coherent and almost fluent.

Thomas will spend next week in Sibu for training.  Sibu is an inland city founded my Chinese immigrants in the early 1900s.  It's located at the confluence of 2 major rivers and  has the largest public square in Malaysia and the tallest building in the state of Sarawak.  Thomas is excited about exploring the second largest city in Sarawak (after Kuching).
At Tony's baptismal service

International Kite Festival in Borneo

Some stir-fry Thomas made