Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 More Months To Go

Time flies and Thomas is only 3 months away from completing his missionary service.  He is working hard and is having a lot of great experiences.  He attended meetings in Sibu and Kuching the last 2 weeks and had a chance to meet up with past missionary companions learned from church leaders.  He was taught to never give up hope when teaching others about the gospel.

Here are some of the photos from his trip to Kuching.

With Martin, a local church leader whom Thomas' older brother, Ben, taught 3 or 4 years ago.
Kuching is famous for cats.
With old friend Elder Williams
At Kuching Conference with Elders Parker, Howell and his companion
Missionaries of the Sibu Zone (before they broke for MacDonald's)
Back in Mukah with the youth in the church
Cooking sago, the local specialty in Mukah

Friday, March 2, 2012

February in Mukah

Thomas had a great February in Mukah. Many people started to attend church.  There were 93 people at church on Feb 5th, a record for Mukah.  The amazing thing is that people are very enthusiastic about the gospel and the happiness it brings into their lives.  They want their relatives and friends to have the same experience.  They bring their families and friends to church to meet the missionaries.  Thomas has been doing the translation for visiting speakers from other parts of the mission.  In the audio messages he sent home, the words "great", "awesome", and "fantastic" were used frequently.  He and his companion, Elder Parker, are having the times of their lives, seeing how the gospel changes families for the better.

Here are some pictures Thomas sent home in February.
At Rizal's house
At the beach with Boniface and his friends
Thomas in his new sarung
With the boys at Ronny's BD party
With Elder Parker and a little girl named Patricia
On the speed boat that took them to Sibu along the river

The speed boat captain
Sibu in the background (sitting on the boat)

With Sister Cunningham
Thomas got a new basket from Magdeline

With Rizal's family
With Mary and Thomas and kids