Thursday, December 9, 2010

Villages near Bintulu

A good number of people live in makeshift houses at the edge of Bintulu near (or in) the jungle.  There are also "long houses" where many families live alongside each other (sort of like townhouses).

Amazing action shots of some kind of "foot volleyball".

Corridor of a long house.

Long house.


Thomas is loving the local food.  He even makes stir fry dishes when he gets a chance.
District meeting with food.

Cookies with mix from USA.

Thomas' famous stir fry.

Thanksgiving dinner, Malay style.


Church Activities

The Bintulu 3rd Branch, the congregation Thomas serves with, has various activities.  Thomas in the thick of many of them.
Winner of the foot race at the branch picnic at the beach.

Free English class.

Badminton Tournament

The missionaries in Bintulu organize badminton tournament for the youth once or twice a month on a Saturday.  They play in team of three and the missionaries had never won until Thomas arrived in the area.

Badminton Champions: Thomas, Chally, Elder Bench

Birthday Week!

Thomas had numerous celebrations for his birthday.  He was most grateful to many friends who sent him letters and packages.  We sent him the birthday wishes posted on the wall of his Facebook page and he was so glad that his page still had "action".  Elder and Sister Orien bought him 2 birthday cakes on our behalf and they're beautifully decorated.