Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thomas completed his mission and is now home

After 2 years of a very rewarding and successful mission, Thomas returned home from Malaysia this morning.  After meeting with Pres. Dillender, the stake president, he did the two things he missed the most: eating at In-And-Out Burgers and singing with his brothers.  This is the last posting of the blog.

Singing with brother Ben
Singing with Brothers Ben and Adam

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Final Week

Over the last two months, he and others organized 2 successful church activities.  Here are some of the photos at these events.  Thomas was released as the Group Leader on Sunday.  He is working hard to achieve the goals he set for himself as a missionary, knowing that they are in reach even if he only has 4 more days in Malaysia.  He will go to Singapore on Monday to meet up with the other missionaries who are also returning to the US.  He leaves for San Francisco early Tuesday morning.

During the month of May, he attended a zone meeting in Ipoh and met many good people in Sitiawan.
Zone Meeting in Ipoh
Flats in Sitiawan 
With a family Thomas and his companion are teaching.
With Elder Martin, Thomas' companion at the Provo Missionary Training Center.
[Go to the July 10, 2010 post to see what they looked like 2 years ago.]
Dinner with new friends from the Philippines.
Thomas and others also organized 2 successful church activities. The first event was in early May, when the Chinese Branch members and the Malay Group members got together to have Family Home Evening.  Lots of people attended and had a good time together.
Joint Family Home Evening in Sitiawan
The second was a Gawai party at the church.  Gawai is a big festival for the Ibans from the State of Sarawak on the Island of Borneo.  The celebration includes lots of food and traditional dancing.
Gawai party decorations
Gawai Party at the Sitiawan Church.
Iban dance during Gawai celebration

Poco poco dance

4 missionaries in Sitiawan and a local family.