Sunday, September 25, 2016

First 10 days in Kaohsiung

Adam is getting used to living in Kaohsiung although he got sick soon after arriving in the city.  He spiked a fever a few days ago but recovered quickly after getting some needed rest.  He helped complete the teaching of a mother and two daughters and, on Saturday, he performed his first baptism in Taiwan, saying the baptismal prayer in Mandarin.
He cooks his own breakfasts (eggs, toast, pancakes) but eats out the rest of the meals because it is cheaper.  They eat at home on Sundays and that's when they cook lunch and dinner.
He is very comfortable talking to people on the street and in their homes.  Here are some of the latest photos.
Fried rice for lunch
Local restaurant they frequent
Supermarket escalator ramp that keeps the shopping cart locked magnetically
Adam's bike with the mission slogan, "no success can compensate the failure in the home".  
Name of the church at the bottom. 
Adam on his bike
In full mission gear
With the family that got baptized on Saturday
Eyes half closed but with a great smile
Adam's bed is against the window.
Opposite end of the room
The apartment banner with all the missionaries' signature since June 2012.
Just beneath the "10" is the name of Vincent Lin, a former missionary from San Francisco.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

First area: Kaohsiung City

Adam arrived in Taiwan safely Wednesday evening, local time.  He missed the super typhoon Meranti that came close to the southern end of Taiwan Wednesday and the second typhoon, Malakis, that came close to the northern end of Taiwan Saturday morning.
On Friday, Adam took the train to his first area, Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong), the major city on the west coast in southern part of Taiwan.  He found out that his friend, Vincent Lin, lived in that apartment when he was a missionary there several years ago.
Adam is serving in the Shihchung Ward in the Kaohsiung Taiwan West Stake.  "Shihchung" means the middle of the city so he is working in the main part of the city.  The members in the ward are super nice and Adam is glad to be in a welcoming environment.  His trainer is Elder Collett from Sandy, UT.  He is adapting well and is happy to serve in Taiwan.

With Mission President, Elder and Sister Teh at the Airport

At Mission Home
With Pres. and Sis. Teh at Mission Home
Apartment in Kaohsiung 
Elder Collett eating fried egg on toast Adam made

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

At Airport

Adam had the amazing fortune of bumping into Amy and Thomas Glenn (and little Wilson) at the Salt Lake City Airport this morning.  In his usual self, Adam spotted a cute baby in a stroller and he made eye-contact and a funny face to him.  That got the attention of the parents, Amy and Thomas, who couldn't believe that it was Adam, whom they coached several years ago when he was auditioning for a Gilbert and Sullivan musical camp.
Adam is on his way to San Francisco and then on to Taiwan on the 787 Dreamliner, scheduled to arrive Wednesday evening local time.  Since we can't go to the airport during Adam's layover, we are really glad that Adam got to see our great friends from Calgary on his way out.  Here are the photos.
Making faces with Baby Wilson
Baby Wilson
With the Glenns

Monday, September 12, 2016

Last Sunday before departing for Taiwan

Adam got an extra preparation day on Saturday to do his laundry and start packing for his trip to Taiwan.  Aunt Carole's friends sent the following photos taken yesterday, where the missionaries got to pose with the flags of the countries they are heading to.  See how many flags you recognize.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Last week in the MTC

Adam writes that he will be packing up early Tuesday (Sep 13) to get to the airport for the long trip to Taiwan.  He will arrive in Taiwan Wednesday evening to start his work "in the field".  We was given the chance to perform his cello solo at the Sunday Devotional in front of 3,000 missionaries at the MTC.  He played "Consider the Lilies" with his new accompanist, Sister Coon from Draper, UT.  To view a video of their dress rehearsal, go to:

The feature speaker at the Devotional was Chad Lewis, the football player (Philadelphia Eagles) who played for BYU and served a mission of the church.  Adam's Mandarin is getting pretty good.  The challenge will be understanding people speaking at normal speed and sometimes with accents and slangs.

He's had an amazing experience at the MTC and has grown spiritually and in maturity.  He is excited to start his work in the Taiwan Taichung Mission next week.

Adam wants to thank Yulia and her dad (who visited Provo all the way from Russia) for sending him a care package of pistachio nuts, brie, sourdough bread.
The new zone, all missionaries learning Mandarin

With Elder Moss, his accompanist for Sacrament Meeting Performance

Saturday, September 3, 2016

11 more days before going to Taiwan

Adam is counting the days before he heads out to Taichung.  His group will be leaving the MTC on Wed, Sep 14, assuming that the visas came through on time.  He is getting more comfortable speaking in Mandarin.  Once or twice a week, he gets to interact with "live" native speakers either in person or by Skype (with people in Taiwan).  He sent home a voice recording of him recounting the Joseph Smith First Vision in Mandarin.  It's with some accent but understandable.  Amazing how much he learned in just 7 weeks.
His accompanist, Sister Cook, left for Cambodia before they had a chance to perform the cello piece so now Adam has a new accompanist, Sister Coon, who will be serving in Korea.  There is a good chance that Adam gets to play for the 3000 missionaries at a devotional before he leaves for Taiwan.

Adam's group all going to the Taiwan Taichung Mission