Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Companion

After serving almost 6 months with Elder Bench, Thomas went to Singapore in mid-February to pick up his new companion, Elder Howell, who is a state champion distance runner and avid cyclist from Draper, UT.  They are working well together but Thomas is having a hard time keeping up on the bike with Elder Howell as they travel on jungle paths.

With Elder Howell new in the area, Thomas is taking more responsibility for the work.  He is stepping up to the challenge and is showing Elder Howell the ropes and helping him with the language.  Elder Howell is great and is adjusting well to the new environment.

Thomas sent home >200 photos a few days ago.  Here are some of the photos he sent.

On the way to Singapore to pick up new companion.
Elder Howell

At baptism service the night Elder Howell arrived in Bintulu (12 Feb)
With Elder Howell and Elder Orien
Late to appointment
Best dressed person in the jungle
Outing on "preparation day" to Sebauh
Trying rice harvesting skills
"Long house" near Bintulu
Long house
Interior corridor of long house
Walking down the street with "Bo boy"