Monday, January 23, 2012

December in Mukah

The month of December in Mukah was full of activities, including several families joining the church.  Thomas loves the people in Mukah.  They are very friendly and are happy to receive the missionaries into their homes.  Thomas is most happy to see that the number of people attending church services increased from about 30 in October to over 60 in November/December.  Here are some of the pictures Thomas sent home.

Teaching varies families in their homes:
Andin's house
Empeni's house
Jimmy's house
With Austin

Families who got baptized into the church in December:

The Abu Family

The Abu Family in the Chapel

Rizal (left) about to be baptized by Jackson.
Sister Magdeline and children
Gatherings and parties:

Elder and Sister Cunningham's decorated house.
Christmas party at the Cunningham's

Mukah Church Christmas Party

Live Nativity Scene

Santa from the North Pole