Thursday, August 11, 2016

4 Weeks in the MTC

Adam has been in the MTC for 4 weeks and he is very pleased with the progress he has made.  He has had numerous spiritual experiences and his Mandarin is getting more fluent.  He spends most of his day speaking nothing but Mandarin.  Even on Sundays, the church services he attends are all in Mandarin.  He is able to teach short lessons in Mandarin to native speakers and he can pray in Chinese.
He has been asked to play cello at church services this Sunday so he is looking for an appropriate piece and an accompanist.  He will also find out when he will be playing for the entire MTC later this week.
He and his zone (6 districts, all Mandarin speaking) go to the Provo Temple every Wednesday.  So he just went for the 4th time this week.  They also do "temple walks" on Sundays and the photos taken during the walk last Sunday are found below.
The four District F elders in front of the Provo Temple
With Elder Barlow
District F

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CW said...

Shalom, Elder Kwok! Glad to hear the classes are going so well, especially the Mandarin, and the chances you’ve had to use the musical talent the Lord gave you. You’ll be overseas by the time of the next General Conference, so we won’t get to see you in the MTC choir the way we saw Jason Chio. Your dad asked me for a list of those who attended Seminary regularly during my years of teaching, so I also added a list of missionaries sent from the ward and branch. Starting with Ben, there have been 14, and 9 of those graduated and 3 others attended at least some Seminary. Just think of how much easier it is to get up at 6:30 a.m. after all those years of practice! Keep up the good work, and God bless all of your efforts. -- Cynthia