Monday, January 9, 2017

Holidays in Kao-Hsiung

Adam spent the holidays away from family for the first time in his life but the holiday season was quite memorable.  It started with a Skype video conference with family, followed by a zone conference with Pres. and Sis. Teh, and visits with many people.
Zone Conference on Dec 22, 2016
Highlights of the holiday include chance meetings with two UCLA students visiting Kao-Hisung.  One is actually a fellow student that took a class with him last year.  The other is an upperclassman who had relatives in Kao-Hsiung.  He enjoyed the chance to tell them about his mission in Taiwan.

It might not have been a sound financial decision but Adam decided to become a Costco member in Taiwan.  With the membership, he had access to the cheap pizza slices and even churros.  He now has a favorite place to go on P-day.

Pizza and churros at Costco
He was pleasantly surprised to receive a package from his mom, filled with his favorite treats and lots of motherly love.  He also loved the handwritten notes from church members back in San Francisco and a special package from the Durrants.  He sends his love to everyone back home.

Notes from members back home
Selfie with Christmas package from the Currants

Just when he thought that all the surprises were done with, he met Vincent Lin from home.  Vincent served his mission in the same area several years ago and was visiting Kao-Hsiung over the holidays.

Adam is poised to complete his language training by "passing off" the last module of Mandarin Chinese lessons this coming week, at the 6-month mark of his mission.  He has been sharing the gospel with many wonderful people and is getting a lot of help and support from the local church members.  He works really hard but feels very blessed and has had many spiritual experiences.

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