Tuesday, July 4, 2017

New Area: Taibao in Chiayi County

After a very productive and rewarding 5 months in Kong Shan, Adam was transferred on July 3rd to Taibao City, in the Chiayi County, midway between Taichung and Tainan.  Taibao is a small city in a rural area that is very flat and famous for melons.  It is named after the official rank of its most famous native son, Wang De-Lu, who was a high ranking official (a Taibao) in the Chinese emperor's court.  It is also famous for a temple memorializing the water buffalo to remind the people in the area how hard the water buffalos worked to till the ground when the area was first settled several centuries ago.  As shown on the map below, a few city blocks of buildings are surrounded by farmland.  The LDS church is at the corner of an apartment block with a huge sign hanging on the side of the building.
Aerial view of church in Taibao 
Taibao Branch Building
Adam is reunited with his missionary training center companion, Elder Chang, and another elder in the group behind him at the MTC, Elder Farnsworth.  He is really excited about the new area, his third since arriving in Taiwan.
July 13, 2017 will mark the half-way point of Adam's mission.  Below are photos from his Kang Shan days.
In his Kong Shan apartment
Rainy day in Kong Shan
After bike accident.  Both were okay.  Companion with sprained elbow 
Monkey Mountain Outing
Monkeys in the park
More monkeys
Kang Shan District elders 
Giving a presentation to the ward council
Group outing
Mission Conference
Zone Conference
With new member at his baptism
Playing pingpong with a 92-year-old man that reminds Adam of his Grandpa Li
The 92-year-old friend who beats Adam in pingpong most of the time
Adam's birthday package
Birthday album from home
Chinese hotpot during his last week in Kong Shan with Elder Richards

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