Monday, August 23, 2010

Thomas is on his way to Singapore

Thomas' flight just took off from Salt Lake City and is on his way to Singapore.  With layovers in LA and Hong Kong, it will be 9:30 PM San Francisco time on Tuesday (12:30 PM Singapore time on Wednesday) when he arrives in Singapore.  The total travel time is about 25 hours.  With the 16-hour time difference (between Mountain Daylight Time and Singapore time), he will have quite a bit of jet lag.  He is expected to head out to his first assigned area (probably in Malaysia within a day or two).

In the latest letter he sent home, he included a few pictures:

With his friends Whitney and Douglas from South Pasadena

With Sister Ith from Singapore

With Elder Denies from Penang, Malaysia

Portrait drawn by Sister Wong
The pose for the portrait