Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thomas is leaving for Singapore in 11 Days

It's hard to believe but Thomas is almost done with his training and is scheduled to leave for Singapore on Monday, August 23, 2010.  It is likely that he will stay only a day or two in Singapore before going to Malaysia for his first assignment.

Following MTC tradition, the whole group of missionaries heading for Singapore/Malaysia have committed themselves to speaking only Malay for the 4 days this week.  In other words, Thomas has been speaking only in Malay since Monday.  The rule is that every time one slips up and speaks in English, one has to do 10 push-ups (see the post-it note on his name tag).  Thomas slipped up quite a bit so he had to do 440 push-ups over the last 2 days.  He is doing a lot better today (Day 4 of the pact) and he hopes to use the language more instinctively for the rest of his time in Provo.

He has been playing the piano for Sunday services at the MTC and he has been teaching the gospel lessons to volunteers who speak Malay (mainly BYU students who served their missions in Malaysia).  Some of the volunteers served in the Singapore Mission with Thomas' older brother, Ben, and were shocked to find themselves being taught by Elder Kwok 2.0.  We can imagine how the church members in Malaysia will be delighted to meet Thomas, having known Ben from before.