Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thomas in Sibu - August

Thomas had some great experiences in August.  Here are some pictures he sent home.  August 30, 2011 was Hari Raya, a big festival in Malaysia that celebrates the end of the month of fasting (Ramadan).  In East Malaysia, the custom is for the Muslim families to open up their houses for anyone to visit.  The elders decided to visit Senator Datuk Wan Hamid, who represents Sibu, and other families.

Photo of the elders with the Senator and his family in his beautiful home.
Hari Raya at other homes.

Thomas was also able to meet up with Elder Bench, his first companion, in Bintulu just before Elder Bench completed his mission.  Here are some picture of them visiting families they taught together.

At one of the outings, Thomas was trying to learn how to cast a net to fish in the river.

Some cement ape statue found in Sibu.

River in Sibu.

Photos of church picnic in Bukit Aup.

At one of the long houses in Bukit Aup, Thomas saw some of the relics kept from generations ago.  These are human skulls kept as trophies most likely from ancient tribal battles.