Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thomas in Sibu - July

Here are some pictures Thomas sent home in July.  The month started with Thomas going to Singapore over July 4th to renew his visa.  While there, he visited the Asian Civilization Museum and did some shopping (mostly for neckties).

One of the exhibits that impressed Thomas had to do with
the Chinese idea of filial piety.  I guess he took this picture
to remind himself to always let his parents know where he is.

Well stocked supermarket in Singapore, especially with cheese.

The month ended with Thomas becoming a zone leader.  The mission is divided into zones.  Each zone is led by two zone leaders, who are companions.  Elder Simon is Thomas' new companion and fellow zone leader.  There are total of 13 missionaries in the zone and it covers Sibu and Mukah.  There is a senior missionary couple in Mukah but no young elders.  Thomas and his companion go to Mukah every other weekend and spend the weekend there.  It's a new area so many families let the missionaries into their homes but only a dozen people attend church on Sundays.

When Thomas got word that he would become a zone leader and had to move to another part of Sibu, the members in the first Sibu area all wanted to have pictures taken with him.  Here are some of the pictures.