Thursday, April 5, 2012

Goodbye Mukah, Hello Sitiawan

After working really hard and having quite a bit of success in Mukah, Thomas was transferred to Sitiawan in West Malaysia 2 days ago.  He and his companion, Elder Parker, taught many good people in Mukah and the congregation almost tripled in size.  Including the missionaries and visitors, around 80 people attend Sunday services regularly and the branch is close to fully organized, with Primary (children's group), Young Men and Young Women (youth groups), and Relief Society (women's group) all functioning with local leaders and teachers in place.  Thomas said goodbye to them over the weekend and here are some of the photos he sent home.
Abu's Family
Bara's Family
Betty's Family
Andin's Family
Bro. Empeni and Sis. Long
David and Mary
Relatives of David and Mary
Kamal and Kidang at their baptismal service
Kamal and Kidang
Kinsun's family
With Ibu at the place where Thomas ate lunch regularly
At Empeni's house
Branch President Bossclay's family
Primary children in Mukah
Rantai's family (the first family Thomas taught in Mukah)
Sam's family
Seli and others in the chapel
Seli's family
Alice's family
Magdlines' family
Sister Maliya
Subri and Monica
Sumai and Duah
Takin's family
The Big House
With the youth
Kinsun's family
Kinsun's children
Group of church members saying goodbye to Thomas.
Got up super early the day of departure.
Last turboprop plane ride in Malaysia
Bye-bye Sarawak
Bye-bye Sarawak

Sitiawan is in the Manjung District in the State of Perak in Malaysia, about 50 miles from Ipoh.  It is a coastal town with a population of about 100,000.  Thomas will share an apartment with 3 other missionaries: Elder Alexius (his companion from Sabah) and two from the US who are serving in the Chinese Branch.  Thomas' assignment is to work with the Malay speaking people there.  He will start a congregation there from scratch.  This is a challenging task that he welcomes and will spend the last 2 months of his mission working hard to build up the group.  Go to Thomas' Facebook information page to get his new mailing address.