Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sitiawan Group

Thomas and his companion, Elder Alexsius from Sabah, are working hard to get a Group going to Malay speaking members. Because there are not too many Malay speaking people in the small city, it is challenging work. However, they are having some success and a good group of people is attending church over the last few weeks.
Sitiawan Group. Elder Alexsius on left.
Teaching Sunday School
Thomas went to Ipoh for a meeting shortly after arriving in Sitiawan.  Ben served in Ipoh in late 2007 to early 2008 so many members in Ipoh still remember him.  Thomas was given royal treatment by the members, who called him "Junior Elder Kwok".
Going to Ipoh for meeting.
With members in Ipoh, many of whom know Ben, Thomas' brother who served in Ipoh 5 years ago. 
Riding tandem bike with Elder Alexsius.
Sister Chris's beautiful cake. The inscription in Malay reads, "Welcome to Ipoh, Junior Elder Kwok".
With Sisters Sarvina and Lydia in Ipoh
With Yee San, who was baptized by Ben.
With Sister Chris, who took care of Ben and all missionaries in Ipoh.
Taking a bike to a church member.
Spaghetti Thomas made.
Ipoh Train Station.
Baseball, Malaysian style.

With members from Ipoh.