Saturday, September 3, 2016

11 more days before going to Taiwan

Adam is counting the days before he heads out to Taichung.  His group will be leaving the MTC on Wed, Sep 14, assuming that the visas came through on time.  He is getting more comfortable speaking in Mandarin.  Once or twice a week, he gets to interact with "live" native speakers either in person or by Skype (with people in Taiwan).  He sent home a voice recording of him recounting the Joseph Smith First Vision in Mandarin.  It's with some accent but understandable.  Amazing how much he learned in just 7 weeks.
His accompanist, Sister Cook, left for Cambodia before they had a chance to perform the cello piece so now Adam has a new accompanist, Sister Coon, who will be serving in Korea.  There is a good chance that Adam gets to play for the 3000 missionaries at a devotional before he leaves for Taiwan.

Adam's group all going to the Taiwan Taichung Mission

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