Sunday, September 25, 2016

First 10 days in Kaohsiung

Adam is getting used to living in Kaohsiung although he got sick soon after arriving in the city.  He spiked a fever a few days ago but recovered quickly after getting some needed rest.  He helped complete the teaching of a mother and two daughters and, on Saturday, he performed his first baptism in Taiwan, saying the baptismal prayer in Mandarin.
He cooks his own breakfasts (eggs, toast, pancakes) but eats out the rest of the meals because it is cheaper.  They eat at home on Sundays and that's when they cook lunch and dinner.
He is very comfortable talking to people on the street and in their homes.  Here are some of the latest photos.
Fried rice for lunch
Local restaurant they frequent
Supermarket escalator ramp that keeps the shopping cart locked magnetically
Adam's bike with the mission slogan, "no success can compensate the failure in the home".  
Name of the church at the bottom. 
Adam on his bike
In full mission gear
With the family that got baptized on Saturday
Eyes half closed but with a great smile
Adam's bed is against the window.
Opposite end of the room
The apartment banner with all the missionaries' signature since June 2012.
Just beneath the "10" is the name of Vincent Lin, a former missionary from San Francisco.

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