Saturday, July 17, 2010

District Photos

Thomas sent home two pictures.  Click on the picture to enlarge the image.  One is the official picture of his district (the group of 8 missionaries going to the Singapore Mission together in a few weeks).  They were holding the Singapore national flag in front of the Provo Temple.  The four elders in the back row are, from left, Elder Pendleton, Elder Schone, Elder Gallinger, and Elder Martin.  In the front row are, from left, Thomas, Sister Wong, Sister Lim, and Elder Goering.  The second picture is Thomas jumping with Elders Goering (left) and Pendleton.

Thomas really enjoys getting letters from family and friends.  He wants everyone to know that there is a really good way to send him letters while he is in the MTC.  There is a free service for anyone to send him letters by using the website (  When one sends him a message, the outfit will print it out and deliver it to the MTC on the same day or the next day for Thomas to read.  One has to register and fill in the info for Thomas (select Provo MTC as his current mission location, not the Singapore Mission), including his MTC mail box number (159), "SING" as the assigned mission, and August 26 as the estimated departure date.

The major accomplishment of last week was for Thomas to teach a gospel lesson in Malay without any notes.  His non-training related goal for this week is to do 100 push ups and 50 leg lifts each morning.  He continues to find time playing soccer and and looks forward to seeing friends who will be entering the MTC in the coming weeks.