Saturday, July 31, 2010

Focusing on Spiritual Growth

Thomas passed the half-way mark at the MTC last week.  He is on track with learning the language and he has decided to concentrate on spiritual growth for the remaining 4 weeks in the MTC.  He is having a lively discussion with his parents and older brother on various religious topics.  One thing on his mind is to start caring more for others than thinking about what is good for himself all the time.
After being closed for about a month for annual maintenance, the Provo Temple reopened last week and Thomas got to go to the temple with his group.  He was excited about the chance to go to the temple weekly for the rest of him time in Provo.
Thomas continues to sent photos home and here are some of the newest ones.
Scripture Study
Wall Push-up in MTC Dorm Hallway

With Sister Missionaries from Malaysia and Hong Kong